Welcome to Three Twins Games

Hi! I am a solo dev from Spain working now from Maine, in the US. I run a small videogame development club at a local school where students from 3rd grade can learn how to make their own games. I mainly use MakeCode Arcade, Pico 8 and GB Studio because I consider that they are the most accesible game engines out there. You can find more of my games and games assets at my itch.io site.

Some of my games


A tribute to Metroid, my children and cats. 

The VEMI Experience

Visit the lab where I work turned into a Gameboy game.

Prince of Cuenca

Explore the town of Cuenca and solve puzzles. In Spanish.


A Pico 8 version of the board game Othello.

Space Engineer

Fix computers around the space station in this relaxing game.

Warehouse Heroes

Pico 8 demake of Sokoban. Push boxes to solve puzzles.


Pico 8 demake of Snake.

Tribute to the classic Google game.

Basic platformer where you have to get to the moon.

Tribute to Sokoban in MakeCode Arcade. Move to boxes to complete levels.

A Commodore 64 generative art program running on MakeCode Arcade.